Photo Standee for Goldfish Swim Schools


One of my regular clients is Goldfish Swim Schools. I designed a mascot for them a few years ago (Bubbles the goldfish) and they’ve been making steady use of him ever since. The most recent project I’ve done for them is to illustrate a photo standee. Children can stick their head in the little hole and have their picture taken with Bubbles. I’m told you can see it in use if you follow @goldfishswimschool on Instagram.

EDIT: I recently had the chance to travel to Michigan to visit the Goldfish headquarters in person. Here’s how I would look with a true turtleneck:


Pizza Game Concept


Earlier this year I was hired by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune to help them pitch an ad to a national pizza chain. The name of the chain needs to stay confidential but it’s a well-known brand.

The idea was to have a full-page spread featuring a pizza-themed board game, something the whole family could play while waiting for the pizza delivery guy or while enjoying their fresh, hot pizza. To help them pitch the idea I sketched up a preliminary board game layout. We even took some of it to full-color to help sell the concept. After I turned in the art someone put it into a layout and added text, instructions, etc.

I’m told they liked the idea and seriously considered it but ultimately they passed. I’ve been given permission to include the art in my portfolio, provided I remove any references to the pizza brand (which I’ve done). It was a really fun project. Oh well, you can’t win ’em all.