‘Polar Pranks’ Kids Meal Illustration for Kid Stuff Marketing

Kid Stuff Marketing specializes in kids’ meal menus and toys for restaurants. I’ve done a few projects for them now. Recently they hired me to create a multi-purpose illustration using a line of polar bears that they refer to as “Polar Pranks”. They asked me to take their original polar bear designs and put my own spin on them. They wanted to update the look of the brand while still keeping it somewhat recognizable.

The layout was a bit tricky because the image had to be able to be sliced-and-diced in different ways. We designed it so that this image could work as a placemat, or as a a wrap-around paper sack (so no action on the folds), or with segments lifted for use on plastic cups.

Final result: Here’s how the sacks and cups turned out…

Lunchbox & Placemat Art for Goldfish Swim School

Goldfish Swim School hired me to illustrate a scene featuring their mascot Bubbles (which I had previously designed) with some of his friends. The layout needed to work both as a placemat and also as a cropped image on lunchboxes.

I don’t have an image of the final placemat but here’s a picture I found online with the lunchbox in the upper left:

‘Slinky Headz’ Toy Designs for Alex Brands

Last year the toy company Alex Brands hired me to work up some character designs for a new line of toys called Slinky Headz. Each toy is a cylindrical monster character with a slinky inside, with the idea being that the top and bottom half of each can be removed and mixed-or-matched. One tricky restriction was that each piece needed to look good upside up and also upside down (in other words, if you flipped the face upside down it still needed to look like an upside-up face).

I was asked to brainstorm several rough designs, which were then narrowed down to a werewolf, a witch doctor, a zombie, and an lizard alien.

The client was happy with what I did but ultimately the decision was made to change gears and go with a different style of artwork for the final product. Oh well, sometimes that happens. Still it was a lot of fun to work on.

Headbands & Glasses for Goldfish Swim School

One of my regular clients is Goldfish Swim School. I designed their mascot Bubbles the Goldfish and have done work for them off and on ever since. Recently they decided to create punch-out headbands and glasses/masks for kids to wear, with a different theme each month. Here’s some samples of what I drew up for them:

Children's headbands and glasses illustrated by Cedric Hohnstadt for Goldfish Swim Schools.

Music Video Illustrations for Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese has a YouTube channel where they post videos with puppet versions of their characters. Their newest video is a Christmas song featuring their hispanic character, Bella Bunny. I was hired to illustrate some slides of Bella celebrating Christmas with her family that they could cut to during parts of the song.

Here’s the full video along with a couple of the slides I drew:

Haunted Mansion for Kid Stuff Marketing

Kid Stuff Marketing creates happy meal-style toys and games for restaurants. They hired me to illustrate a “flashlight find” game with a haunted mansion theme. It’s a simple but very clever toy. Here’s how it works:

The artwork is printed on transparent plastic, then glued into a cardboard sleeve over a black background. When the transparent image is laid over the black it’s almost impossible to make out anything. (I was asked not to make the colors too bright to aid this effect.)

On the back of the frame is a punch-out “flashlight” with a white circle at the end. You slide the white circle into the frame, between the art and the black background, and boom! You can see the image.

I made this TikTok video to show it in action:

On the back of the cardboard sleeve are several questions (“How many cobwebs are there?”, “What is popping out from behind the couch?” etc.). It’s a simple but super fun gimmick! My kids loved it and said it blew their minds. They couldn’t figure out how it worked without any lights or batteries.

Kid Stuff Marketing does a lot of fun work and I’m honored to help them out. Here’s a few details from the illustration I submitted:

Happy Halloween!