One-On-One With A Professional Illustrator (Me!) – Discounted price during quarantine

Quarantine Sale! Regular price $60, now only $45!

Now might be the perfect time to strengthen your portfolio. I’m launching something new to help. Whether you’re a student or pro I’ll spend 30 minutes one-on-one with you going over your work and giving feedback and tips. You can also pick my brain about freelancing or ask me anything you’d like about drawing, finding work, etc.

How It Works

  1. Sign up for a 30-minute online session.
  2. Send me your work (point me to your website or upload it to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
  3. For thirty minutes we’ll talk about your work and you can pick my brain.

Sign up or get more info here. Happy drawing!

FREE Sparkbook Download During Coronavirus

A few years ago I successfully launched the Pose Drawing Sparkbook on Kickstarter. It’s a super-charged sketchbook designed to help artists put more life and personality into their poses. Unfortunately physical copies are all sold out but it’s available as a PDF in two versions (Basic and Expanded). To help everyone get through the coronavirus I’m giving away the Basic PDF for free and the Expanded PDF for 50% off. (Ends March 31).

We’re gonna get through this gang. Happy drawing!

Tips & Tricks for Working at Home

(A doodle from my sketchbook archives.)

The caronavirus has thrown a lot of us off-balance. As the owner of my own studio I’ve been working from home for over two decades. Suddenly some of you may be finding yourselves working from home too. I thought I’d share a few tips that have helped me and that might make your quarantine go a little easier:

1. Set some boundaries. Designate a physical space that is your “work zone”, preferably a part of the house that is away from distractions like family, TV, etc. Bonus points if you can be near a window for some soothing natural light. Pick a start time and a stop time for your work day and stick to it. If possible let other family members know you are not to be interrupted during those times. Having a designated “work zone” also gives you something to walk away from at the end of the day which can help put work out of your mind during your off hours.

2. Invest in some good headphones. They can help you focus by shutting out the distractions around you. You can also catch up on podcasts or audiobooks while you work.

3. Get dressed. When you work at home it might be tempting to stay in your PJ’s all day. That’s fun for a while but I’ve found it can affect my productivity. If I’m in my “comfy clothes” I sometimes work a little more leisurely, am more prone to distractions, and even take more breaks. But when I go to the trouble of dressing properly I feel more professional and I get more done.

4. Log your hours. This might seem silly at first but it works. Jot down the time whenever you start working and again when you stop, including breaks. Breaks and distractions can eat into your day more than you realize, especially at home. Seeing the hard numbers in black-and-white makes you realize how much (or little) you are actually getting done. It can also help you to know when it’s time to finally quit for the day.

5. With great power comes great responsibility. Working at home comes with some nice perks. Enjoy them! You have the freedom to set your own hours. You can take breaks whenever you feel like it. You can eat lunch in your own dining room and relax on your own couch during breaks. You can run errands in the middle of the day when traffic is lighter and there are fewer lines at the checkout. Just remember the work still has to get done. When taking a break give yourself a time limit and then get right back to the grind. Your future self will thank you for not making you stay up late to get caught up.

6. Eat healthy. Some people are more prone to overeating than others but personally this is a struggle for me. If I’m stressed or bored it’s easy to wander into the kitchen during a break to munch on a quick snack. Try to limit your munching to meal times only, and don’t forget to exercise. (OK. I’m done nagging.)

7. If necessary, bring in some help. The caronavirus has disrupted a lot of schedules and workflows. Even with hard work and the best intentions it’s easy to fall behind. If you have a looming deadline or just feel overwhelemed, reach out to an experienced freelance professional such as Yours Truly. We are used to getting calls from people in a bind. It’s what we do for a living. My personal approach is to tell you what I can realistically do given your time and budget, and then stick to it. If for some reason I can’t help you out I will try to recommend other creatives who can. Whatever your needs are, I’ll do my best to help you get the job done. More info here:

Enjoy your time at home. One way or another we are going to make it through this!

My Instagram Has Changed

You follow me on instagram, right? If you do, you need to know about a change.

My Instagram account (@cedrichohnstadt) started as a place to publish my illustrations and sketches, but it was slowly overtaken by my webcomics. 

My “day job” is freelance illustration. More and more art directors are browsing Instagram looking for illustrators to hire. When they check me out I want them to see my illustration work. But I also have a lot of regular people who follow me for my webcomics. So, I’ve decided that those two audiences should each get their own Instagram feed.

As of today I’ve changed my instagram account from “@cedrichohnstadt” to “@sketchbooksilliness“. That’s where my IG webcomics now live. I’m still keeping the “@cedrichohnstadt” account but it will only be for my illustration work. Because of Instagram’s rules that username is now locked in limbo for two weeks but I should be able to fire it up again on or around Feb. 7, 2020.

If you already follow my webcomics on Instagram you don’t have to do anything. The link has changed but it appears that Instagram has automatically shifted all of my followers to the new account. If you want to see my illustration work and random stuff from my sketchbook, you’ll have to follow me at  @cedrichohnstadt stating Feb. 8. 

I apologize for any confusion this might cause my followers. Hopefully in the long run this will make the experience even better for you. Thanks again for your interest in my work!

Christian Comics

In between client projects I do a webcomic called Sketchbook Silliness. It’s a way for me to express my creativity and just mess around. The whole thing is sort of an experiment with my comics ranging from the silly to the serious to the spiritual. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few go viral. One recently made the front page of Reddit, another made most viral on Imgur, and I’ve had two comics get over one million views on TikTok (this one and this one).

You may have noticed that the second of those TikTok comics was about my Christian faith. A few days ago I posted another comic about my faith that has also been doing pretty well. It got 35 retweets on Twitter (which is a lot for me) and has been steadily passed around on Facebook with over 2,300 shares and counting).

Fact is, my Christian comics (on average) do as well or better than my other comics. Many of my regular comics have flopped, whereas most of my religious comics have done fair-to-well in terms of likes/comments/shares. They are few and far between but overall they are well-received.

So, I’ve decided to gather them all into one place. If anyone is interested in reading all of my Christian comics at once you can find them here. My hope is that they might be something there that will be a blessing to someone.