I’ll Be At Spring ComiCon May 18-19, 2019

This weekend (May 18-19, 2019) I’ll once again have a table at the MCBA Spring ComiCon, Minnesota’s largest comic book party. I’ll be there along with over 200 other creators selling my book of gag cartoons Mostly Nonsense as well as prints of my cartoons. Swing by the Minnesota State Fairgrounds and say “hi!” Tickets and more info at https://www.mcbacomicons.com.

Weather Cartoon for Spider Magazine

Spider magazine is published by the Cricket Group for children ages 6-9. They hired me to illustrate a full-page comic for the inside cover of their May-June 2019 issue. The theme of the issue was “weather” and they gave me freedom to come up with anything I wanted related to that theme. I’ve always admired artists who can do wordless or mostly-wordless stories so I thought I’d try my hand at it. Now that the issue is out I can show what I did:

Shark Mascot

Recently I was hired by SwimKids USA to help them re-brand with a new mascot. They had a cartoon shark they had been using but wanted to refresh it. Here’s a few rough concept sketches I submitted along with the final design:

Courtroom Sketching Interview

Most of my work is very cartoony but once or twice a year I get hired to do courtroom sketches for a big trial in Minnesota. Last month I was hired to sketch the police shooting trial of Mohamed Noor, who shot and killed unarmed civilian Justine Damond. After a month-long trial Noor became the first Minnesota police officer in living memory to be convicted of murder while on duty.

A couple of weeks after the trial ended I was a guest on the Up and At ‘Em podcast, a popular local podcast that discusses Minnesota news and events. My interview starts late in the show at the one-hour-and-forty-minute mark.

You can view some of my other courtroom sketch art over at courtroomsketches.com.

Display Illustrations for Hasbro Little Big Bites

Hasbro just released a new line of toys called Little Big Bites and they hired me to illustrate the retail display and packaging inserts. They are really cute little collectibles and it was a ton of fun to work on. YouTube videos don’t display properly on my website so I’ll just give you a text link to a fifteen-second commercial to help show how they work.

Here’s some of the artwork I did for the retail display:

I also did some illustrations for the paper inserts that come with each toy, including instructional diagrams and the “collect them all” artwork:

Little Big Bites are currently available at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and several other retailers. Last night I visited a nearby Target and snapped some pics:

It’s always a delight to see my work on display. It was a super fun project and I’m grateful to Hasbro for the opportunity. You can find the toys at big box retailers or order from Amazon.

Goldfish Bath Tub Toys

One of my clients is Goldfish Swim School. Several years ago I designed a mascot for them, a goldfish named Bubbles. Since then I’ve drawn Bubbles in various costumes to celebrate many different themes (St. Patrick’s Day, Camping, Winter, etc.) The art has been used as stickers, tattoos, and coloring book pages.

Then the folks at Goldfish asked if I could help turn those themed drawings into a line of bath tub toys. I did turnaround views of twelve costumes. A few of the final toys are pictured above. Here’s a few samples of the sketches I submitted: