I Made The Reddit Home Page!

Since today is National Coffee Day I posted a comic from the archives on the r/funny subreddit. Checked back a few hours later to find the comic was on the “Most Popular” page for ALL of Reddit. It ultimately got over 90,000 likes. That’s a first for me and I’m blown away. Thanks everyone!!

MSP FallCon, Oct. 5, 2019

Once again I’ll be tabling at the MSP FallCon at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, Saturday Oct. 5, 2019, 10am-6pm. Just look for the red arrow on the map above. I’ll be selling webcomic prints as well as my book of gag cartoons Mostly Nonsense. Stop on by and say hi!

‘Crib Notes’ Book Cover

Recently I was hired by an author/therapist to create a cover illustration for Crib Notes, an upcoming book for new parents. The client wanted me to illustrate a grid of baby faces showing various emotions and ethnicities. The book is still being edited so I don’t know exactly how the illustration will be used but they gave me permission to post the artwork. It was a fun project, and when I know more about the final result I’ll share it here.

Most Viral!

In between client projects I do a webcomic called Sketchbook Silliness. My most recent cartoon exploded on Imgur yesterday, ultimately rising to the level of “Most Viral” which earned it a spot on the Imgur home page. It topped out at over 6,000 likes and over 191,000 views.

Meanwhile, over on Instagram it got over 22,500 likes from 238,000 views. So cool!

Thanks a bunch everyone!!

Country Critters

Kid Stuff Marketing approached me with a line of characters called Country Critters. They had previously used the characters in a line of placemats, paper bags, and toys that were licensed to a variety of restaurants, and decided it was time for a refresh. I was told I could draw the characters in my own personal style as long as I didn’t deviate *too* much from the existing designs.

Also, the illustration had to be designed in such a way that it could be used as a placemat but also so that the top 15% or so could be chopped off and the rest printed as wrap-around art on paper bags. That meant the characters had to be strategically placed to avoid being printed on a fold line.

The creative director, Jay Thompson, sent me a rough sketch of an approximate layout, which helped a lot. It was a super fun project and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Weegos Packaging Illustrations

Alley Oop Toys asked me to help them with the expansion and rebrand of their Weegos toy line. Weegos are small animal characters that can clip onto pencils, backpacks, etc. They also wear mix-and-match shirts with fun slogans on them that you can collect.

The only character the client had was the sloth, but they wanted to expand into a line of additional animals. They hired me to design five new characters, including finished vector art for packaging and promotion.

Here are the characters I designed and illustrated for them:

I also illustrated a “money shot” of the sloth attached to a pencil…

…and Alley Oop toys sent me the Weegos logo, asking me to illustrate the characters grouped around it:

Here’s how the final packaging turned out: