House Monsters

One of my clients, Strottman International, has a toy division called Luki Lab. In Fall 2021 they launched a toy line called House Monsters. The concept was to have friendly plush monsters that live in your house and make messes while you are gone.

I did not design the monsters. That was all done before they brought me on board. But I was hired to illustrate a children’s book featuring the characters, as well as to create polished stand-alone illustrations of each character for marketing purposes.

I sketched everything up and then hired two terrific illustrators to render the color. Canadian illustrator Ben Reynolds helped bring the children’s book to life and Swedish illustrator Andrea Fermerstrand worked her magic to give texture to the stand-alone illustrations.

Here’s a sampling of the book with Ben’s color and texture over my drawings:

And here’s a sampling of the character illustrations. Andrea did beautiful work with the textures:

Ben Reynolds and Andrea Fermerstrand were both great to work with. I would heartily recommend both of them for any illustration needs you might have.

To purchase House Monsters toys or the book, check out the House Monsters website. They are also available on Amazon.