Old West Comic for Spider Magazine

I had fun writing and illustrated this comic for the inside front cover of the April 2021 issue of Spider Magazine. The theme of the issue was the Old West. Target audience is kids ages 6-9.

Rise and shine! New Breakfast Pattern

There’s a fun new bacon-and-eggs pattern available on my Redbubble store. Perfect for starting your day with some good morning vibes. Also works as fun restaurant decor or for masks for the wait staff. This pattern is available on dozens of items from mugs to stickers to clocks. Redbubble will print and ship directly to you, even if you order just one.

Baby Alive Packaging Art for Hasbro

Hasbro wanted to take some of their Baby Alive dolls and put them in cute dinosaur costumes. They designed the outfits, sent me some illustrations of the dolls wearing regular clothes, and asked me to remove the old clothes and draw the new dino costumes on top of the existing doll art. Now that the Baby Alive Dino Cuties are starting to arrive in Walmart stores Hasbro has given me permission to share what I did.

(I didn’t illustrate the rest of the packaging, only the costumes in the lower left corner.)

Updated Toy Design Portfolio Download

I’ve made some long overdue updates to my Toy Industry Portfolio.

For over a decade now I’ve been working on projects in the toy biz for clients including Hasbro, Disney, Toys-R-Us, Crayola, Chick-Fil-A, and several smaller companies. I’ve helped design toys for brands including Angry Birds, Toy Story, Star Wars, Sesame Street, Marvel, Play Doh, and Littlest Pet Shop, just to name a few. I’ve illustrated packaging for Mr. Potato Head and Crayola, I’ve done control art (turnaround) drawings for Frozen, and I’ve illustrated stickers for My Little Pony.

If you need a concept artist or illustrator for a toy related project, or you know someone who might, please download this free PDF portfolio. Email it, share it, or print it out to bring to a meeting. I’d love to hear about your project and talk about how I could meet your needs.

How To Draw Bubbles the Goldfish

Goldfish Swim Schools hired me to design a mascot for them, a happy little fish called Bubbles. He’s quite popular with the kids. Goldfish has made Bubbles into toys and tattoos and featured him on coloring pages, window clings, lunchboxes, and two children’s books.

Kids sometimes ask how to draw Bubbles so Goldfish hired me to create a video and a handout showing them how. Now kids can take Bubbles with them wherever they go!

(The above image is a low-res version. Click the button below to download the hi-res version for printing).