‘Messy Messages’ for Highlights Magazine


I enjoyed illustrating a story for the November 2015 issue of Highlights magazine called “Messy Messages. It was a fun story to illustrate and I had a lot of fun creating the characters.

Highlights Magazine “Double-O”

The October 2015 issue of Highlights Magazine just showed up in my mailbox with one of my illustrations inside. The idea was to use a bunch of words with an “oo” sound in the middle. Below is my preliminary sketch and the final art. After I turned in the sketch they asked me to change the pig from a sneezing “Achoo!” to shouting “Yahoo!” so I redrew his pose. Other than that it was pretty smooth sailing, and a lot of fun to draw.

Artwork is copyright © 2015 Highlights Magazine. All rights reserved.




Sneak Peek


I’ve just finished a new project for one of my clients, a Christian ministry called Living Waters. Here’s a sneak peek (posted with the client’s permission).

Sketchbook Update: Happy Birthday!


For the longest time I’ve been meaning to sketch something up I could use to wish people a happy birthday on Facebook, via email, etc. Yesterday I was noodling around in my digital sketchbook and I started drawing silly cupcakes. Eventually it morphed into this. It’s a bit bizarre but it will do for now.

If you’d like to post/share this image on Facebook, feel free. If you’d like to use it for any commercial ventures please contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss pricing.

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Hasbro “Wheel Pals” Packaging Art


I’ve been very fortunate to work on a lot of fun projects for Hasbro over the past few years. 95% of it is concept and presentation art for internal use only, which means I have to keep it under lock and key. I’ve got dozens and dozens of images that I would really love to put in my portfolio but I can’t. The toy biz is very competitive. I completely understand my clients’ need for confidentiality and I’m happy to oblige. Still, it’s fun to have something I can finally reveal!

Back in 2011 I was hired to illustrate a few packaging backgrounds for an exclusive set from the Playskool Wheel Pals line. The idea was to do something with a fun, youthful color-crayon feel.

To my knowledge only one toy from this exclusive set made it into stores: the Winter Friends set. Above is the original illustration I submitted to their packaging team. Below is the final result. (Apologies for the low-quality pics. I couldn’t find any clean “official” photos online so I snapped these with my phone.)


Announcing smARTer Minneapolis!

FINAL-Colored with Layout

Back in 2011 I was hired by illustrator/designer Sherwin Schwartzrock to assist him with a back-of-the-program ad for Target Field (if you’re as clueless about sports as I am, that’s the Minnesota Twins baseball stadium). We were under a time crunch so he provided me with a rough sketch, I quickly inked it, and then he laid in the color and text. My contribution was actually pretty minimal and so I never even bothered to post it.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.47.53 PM

I was reminded of the project earlier today when Sherwin announced that his illustration and design studio (formerly Schwartzrock Graphic Arts) has been rebranded and is now “smARTer Minneapolis”. Sherwin is one of the most talented and professional people I know. He has the rare combination of being an excellent artist, a creative thinker, and also a sharp and trustworthy businessman. Jump into his shiny new website and take it for a spin: http://smartermpls.com