Event Marketing for Fairlife Dairy

Create Play Connect is an agency in Minneapolis that specializes in event marketing. They wanted to pitch an idea to Fairlife Dairy for a display and hired me to sketch up the concept. The blue shelves on either side of the bottle were for displaying dollar amounts for a fundraising campaign, and the red glowing light around the bottle was meant to indicate how much money they had raised.

Polly Pocket Presentation Board for Hasbro

Hasbro hired me to do a presentation sketch showcasing play with Mattel’s Polly Pocket. They sent me some reference photos and a rough layout. Based on their instructions, here’s what I created for them.

Fur Real Packaging Concept for Hasbro

Hasbro often uses illustrations on their toy packaging. They were working on a new toy for their Fur Real line and wanted to try a background that would look like a bakery from a fairy tale or fantasy story, perhaps something built inside a tree. So they hired me to sketch up the concept.

FPO Comp Art for Volvo

Minneapolis marketing agency Six Speed was making a presentation to Volvo to pitch an idea for an outdoor marketing event. They needed some sketches to show the concepts they envisioned and hired me to draw them. Here’s what I submitted, shared with their permission:

Recently I created a PDF portfolio specifically for my FPO/Comp Art work. Feel free to download a copy to keep on file, send to a colleague, or print and bring to a meeting.

Presentation Concepts for Coca-Cola

Here’s a project from a couple of years back that I never got around to posting.

One of my clients is Create Play Connect, a creative firm in Minneapolis that specializing in event marketing. They wanted to pitch some ideas to Coca-Cola and hired me to draw some rough concept sketches that would help show what they were thinking.

They specifically asked that the art not be too polished. They wanted to keep the ideas loose and open-ended and thought a quick-and-dirty look would help underscore that.

Here’s what I submitted:

FPO Comp Art for San Francisco Bay Coffee

Although most of the work I do is cartoony, I sometimes get hired to work up concept presentation sketches for advertising agencies and marketing firms. Over the years I’ve helped flesh out ideas for presentations to Coca-Cola, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Geico, and Mazda, just to name a few.

Several months ago Minneapolis agency Create Play Connect hired me to help visualize some ideas for an event marketing campaign they wanted to present to San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee.

This first idea featured a tie-in with the Iron Man World Championship. People could sit on a stationary bike that would grind coffee beans as they pedaled. Behind them was a screen allowing them to take pictures that made it look like they were competing in the Iron Man.

Another idea was to set up a welcoming outdoor eating area in front of a San Francisco back drop. A real trolley would be on site and people could have their picture taken in front of the backdrop.

Working on FPO comp art sketches is a nice change of pace for me. If that’s something I can help you with, you can download a PDF portfolio of my FPO comp art work here.