FPO Comp Art for Green Giant

Green Giant FPO Art

Green Giant FPO Comp Art Illustration for CPC IntersectGreen Giant FPO Comp Art Illustration for CPC IntersectLast fall I was hired by one of my regular clients, CPC Intersect, to create some FPO comp art to promote a new line of potato chips from Green Giant (which is owned by General Mills). CPC Intersect specializes in “event marketing”. They excel at creating fun, creative events designed to help raise awareness of new products and services. They always blow me away with their ideas and their projects are always fun to work on.

Above are a few of several sketches I worked up to help visualize a few ideas for the Green Giant launch. After I colored the first one, the client requested that I hold back a bit and just stick with mostly b&w for the rest of the sketches.


Fuze Marker Comps For CPC Intersect

Fuze Fruit NinjaFuze Face Game

CPC Intersect is a local agency that specialize in event marketing (or experience marketing as it’s called in some circles). They work with a lot of big brands, helping them to design fun interactive events to help promote their products. Sometimes they’ll hire me to whip up a quick sketch or two to help pitch an idea. In the past I’ve helped them out with projects for Coke Zero, Dasani, Del Monte, General Mills, and Fuzik.

Recently they hired me to help pitch some ideas to promote FUZE brand fruit drinks. They asked for b&w line art only. Here’s a couple of the images I did for them. Back in the day they used to call these “marker comps” but since I work 100% digitally and don’t use real markers any more I’m not sure what to call them.

Click on the images to see a larger version.

Comp Art for Coke Zero, Dasani

Dasani FPO comp art

Coke Zero FPO comp art

Over the past few months I’ve been doing some FPO comp art illustration for CPC Intersect, a Twin Cities marketing firm that specializes in “experience marketing”. They’re a creative bunch and they’ve got a real spirit of fun that they bring to their projects. I’ve been fortunate enough to help them out with pitches to brands such as Coca-Cola, Dasani, and General Mills.

The deadlines are often crazy tight but in advertising that’s par for the course. I specialize in meeting tight deadlines and I enjoy the challenge.

Above are two samples of recent work I’ve done for them.