FPO Comp Art for Green Giant

Green Giant FPO Art

Green Giant FPO Comp Art Illustration for CPC IntersectGreen Giant FPO Comp Art Illustration for CPC IntersectLast fall I was hired by one of my regular clients, CPC Intersect, to create some FPO comp art to promote a new line of potato chips from Green Giant (which is owned by General Mills). CPC Intersect specializes in “event marketing”. They excel at creating fun, creative events designed to help raise awareness of new products and services. They always blow me away with their ideas and their projects are always fun to work on.

Above are a few of several sketches I worked up to help visualize a few ideas for the Green Giant launch. After I colored the first one, the client requested that I hold back a bit and just stick with mostly b&w for the rest of the sketches.