Old West Comic for Spider Magazine

I had fun writing and illustrated this comic for the inside front cover of the April 2021 issue of Spider Magazine. The theme of the issue was the Old West. Target audience is kids ages 6-9.

Live Draw Tonight! (May 11)

Cartoonist Paul Cox is the creator of RefToons. He takes inspiring quotes from famous Christians in church history and illustrates them in charming ways. Tonight I’ll be a guest on a livedraw with Paul at 8pm CST. Just search Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram for “@reftoons”. Tune in and hit us up with questions!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/reftoons/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsSWfjjdnQ679XycvHpIvPA
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/reftoons/

My Instagram Has Changed

You follow me on instagram, right? If you do, you need to know about a change.

My Instagram account (@cedrichohnstadt) started as a place to publish my illustrations and sketches, but it was slowly overtaken by my webcomics. 

My “day job” is freelance illustration. More and more art directors are browsing Instagram looking for illustrators to hire. When they check me out I want them to see my illustration work. But I also have a lot of regular people who follow me for my webcomics. So, I’ve decided that those two audiences should each get their own Instagram feed.

As of today I’ve changed my instagram account from “@cedrichohnstadt” to “@sketchbooksilliness“. That’s where my IG webcomics now live. I’m still keeping the “@cedrichohnstadt” account but it will only be for my illustration work. Because of Instagram’s rules that username is now locked in limbo for two weeks but I should be able to fire it up again on or around Feb. 7, 2020.

If you already follow my webcomics on Instagram you don’t have to do anything. The link has changed but it appears that Instagram has automatically shifted all of my followers to the new account. If you want to see my illustration work and random stuff from my sketchbook, you’ll have to follow me at  @cedrichohnstadt stating Feb. 8. 

I apologize for any confusion this might cause my followers. Hopefully in the long run this will make the experience even better for you. Thanks again for your interest in my work!

New “Six Pack Abs” Sticker

I’ve added a new item to my store. Show the world you are serious about getting in shape with this new cartoon sticker. Size: 2-3/4” x 3” (7mm x 7.75mm).

Christian Comics

In between client projects I do a webcomic called Sketchbook Silliness. It’s a way for me to express my creativity and just mess around. The whole thing is sort of an experiment with my comics ranging from the silly to the serious to the spiritual. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few go viral. One recently made the front page of Reddit, another made most viral on Imgur, and I’ve had two comics get over one million views on TikTok (this one and this one).

You may have noticed that the second of those TikTok comics was about my Christian faith. A few days ago I posted another comic about my faith that has also been doing pretty well. It got 35 retweets on Twitter (which is a lot for me) and has been steadily passed around on Facebook with over 2,300 shares and counting).

Fact is, my Christian comics (on average) do as well or better than my other comics. Many of my regular comics have flopped, whereas most of my religious comics have done fair-to-well in terms of likes/comments/shares. They are few and far between but overall they are well-received.

So, I’ve decided to gather them all into one place. If anyone is interested in reading all of my Christian comics at once you can find them here. My hope is that they might be something there that will be a blessing to someone.

Most Viral!

In between client projects I do a webcomic called Sketchbook Silliness. My most recent cartoon exploded on Imgur yesterday, ultimately rising to the level of “Most Viral” which earned it a spot on the Imgur home page. It topped out at over 6,000 likes and over 191,000 views.

Meanwhile, over on Instagram it got over 22,500 likes from 238,000 views. So cool!

Thanks a bunch everyone!!