More sketchbook practice. I drew this last night while re-watching the John Wayne classic THE COWBOYS. (There are no snakes in the movie. It’s just a good flick to have on in the background while doodling buckaroos.)

Uncle Sam

I started drawing Uncle Sam in my digital sketchbook. I liked how it was turning out and decided he needed to be on the classic poster. But I couldn’t come up with a funny or clever caption. I googled and saw someone else made a version that said “I want you to pull my finger”. I was tempted to copy that but I didn’t want to steal someone else’s joke. So, I settled on this very mediocre line.

Dracula Sketch

Messing around with brushes in Procreate. Why am i drawing Dracula in April? No idea. But I am realizing my understanding of lighting and color theory are getting a little rusty.

If you like my work, I’ve got two sketchbook collections available in my store.

Live Draw Tonight! (May 11)

Cartoonist Paul Cox is the creator of RefToons. He takes inspiring quotes from famous Christians in church history and illustrates them in charming ways. Tonight I’ll be a guest on a livedraw with Paul at 8pm CST. Just search Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram for “@reftoons”. Tune in and hit us up with questions!


My Instagram Has Changed

You follow me on instagram, right? If you do, you need to know about a change.

My Instagram account (@cedrichohnstadt) started as a place to publish my illustrations and sketches, but it was slowly overtaken by my webcomics. 

My “day job” is freelance illustration. More and more art directors are browsing Instagram looking for illustrators to hire. When they check me out I want them to see my illustration work. But I also have a lot of regular people who follow me for my webcomics. So, I’ve decided that those two audiences should each get their own Instagram feed.

As of today I’ve changed my instagram account from “@cedrichohnstadt” to “@sketchbooksilliness“. That’s where my IG webcomics now live. I’m still keeping the “@cedrichohnstadt” account but it will only be for my illustration work. Because of Instagram’s rules that username is now locked in limbo for two weeks but I should be able to fire it up again on or around Feb. 7, 2020.

If you already follow my webcomics on Instagram you don’t have to do anything. The link has changed but it appears that Instagram has automatically shifted all of my followers to the new account. If you want to see my illustration work and random stuff from my sketchbook, you’ll have to follow me at  @cedrichohnstadt stating Feb. 8. 

I apologize for any confusion this might cause my followers. Hopefully in the long run this will make the experience even better for you. Thanks again for your interest in my work!