Highlights Magazine “Check and Double Check”



The current issue of Highlights Magazine (January 2017) includes another piece of artwork by yours truly. This time I illustrated a “Check and Double Check” puzzle. Can you find at least 18 differences in these two images?

Ten Most Popular Cartoons of 2016

In between client projects I draw silly cartoons for a series I’m calling Sketchbook Silliness. Recently I gave them their own website, SketchbookSilliness.com. According to Google analytics and social media likes/shares, these are my ten most popular cartoons from 2016 (ranked from lowest to highest):


Tin Man At Home

Royal Treatment

Fly Shopping

112316-Date Night






More cartoons at SketchbookSilliness.com.

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Comic: Atheist Logic


This is a personal piece I did in between some client work and my regular webcomics. One of the most important questions of life is, “Is there a God?”. This is my take.

I have nothing against atheists, and I certainly don’t think I’m any smarter or better than them. I just don’t see the logic.

Sketchbook Silliness: November 2016

Here’s all the Sketchbook Silliness gags I posted during this past month:





112316-Date Night

Also, if you back me on Patreon you can get BONUS cartoon gag sketches and other goodies. These are usually gags I’m on the fence about. They may or may not be funny enough to justify the full ink-and-color treatment so quality will vary, but as of now only my Patreon backers get to see them. Here’s a sneak peak at at this month’s bonus gags:


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I’m trying to post one new Sketchbook Silliness cartoon and one bonus gag sketch every week. Hope they give you a chuckle!

Sketchbook Silliness: Support Group


View a full archive of Sketchbook Silliness cartoons at SketchbookSilliness.com. If you like my silly drawings, you can get some fun rewards by supporting me on Patreon for as little as $1/month.

Cow Mascot for Mountainside Farms

Earlier this year I was contacted by Mountainside Farms, a regional east coast dairy company, to help them design a new mascot for their packaging. They had been using a cow character designed by another illustrator but decided it was time for a new look. They asked me to design a cow who’s face could be plugged into the existing packaging layout.

Cow Mascot-Rough Character Concepts

I started by doing a bunch of rough sketches experimenting with various shapes and poses. Some were stronger than others but that’s part of the process.

I knew that the general public would likely only see the cow’s face but it felt more natural to design the full body. If, in the future, the client ever decided they wanted to use a full body pose for anything I didn’t want to be put in the situation of having to Frankenstein a new body onto the head. I think you get a stronger and more pleasing result when the body and head are designed together.

I also tried Photoshopping various heads onto the existing packaging. I also experimented with variations on different background shapes, cowbell or no cowbell, etc.

After some back and forth with a few refinements, here’s how the final design turned out:

Mountainside Farms New Mascot

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