Hasbro FurReal Packaging Sketches

Hasbro has a popular series of animal toys called FurReal. For the packaging they often illustrate a fun, welcoming environment to help display the character on the store shelf. I was hired to sketch up some packaging concepts which were then handed off to another illustrator for final painting.

Here’s a few examples of my sketch followed by the final product:

And here’s one for a baby monkey that never made it to final:

GoNoodle Champs

GoNoodle is a fun company with the goal of turning kids’ screen time into active time. Their materials are used in four out of five American public schools and at least 14 million kids play GoNoodle content each month.

They have a series of characters called Champs that they use in a lot of their content. They hired me to put together a fun group pose that they could use in various branding and marketing. They wanted something flexible that would work as a group pose (with or without logo) but could also be broken out into stand-alone characters.

After playing around with some composition ideas we settled on a combination of existing sketches/vector art for some characters and new/modified art for others. Then I pulled it all together with final art in Adobe Illustrator.

Rise and shine! New Breakfast Pattern

There’s a fun new bacon-and-eggs pattern available on my Redbubble store. Perfect for starting your day with some good morning vibes. Also works as fun restaurant decor or for masks for the wait staff. This pattern is available on dozens of items from mugs to stickers to clocks. Redbubble will print and ship directly to you, even if you order just one.

Baby Alive Packaging Art for Hasbro

Hasbro wanted to take some of their Baby Alive dolls and put them in cute dinosaur costumes. They designed the outfits, sent me some illustrations of the dolls wearing regular clothes, and asked me to remove the old clothes and draw the new dino costumes on top of the existing doll art. Now that the Baby Alive Dino Cuties are starting to arrive in Walmart stores Hasbro has given me permission to share what I did.

(I didn’t illustrate the rest of the packaging, only the costumes in the lower left corner.)

Fur Real Packaging Concept for Hasbro

Hasbro often uses illustrations on their toy packaging. They were working on a new toy for their Fur Real line and wanted to try a background that would look like a bakery from a fairy tale or fantasy story, perhaps something built inside a tree. So they hired me to sketch up the concept.