My Kickstarter “Pose Drawing Sparkbook” Now Available As Ebook-Only!

A few people have asked for an ebook-only version of my Pose Drawing Sparkbook on Kickstarter. Good news! I’ve added an option to purchase the “Basic” ebook for $10. You can also purchase a new “ebook + webinar” combo or an “ebook + sketch club” combo. More info here.

If you’ve already placed an order for the physical book and want to downgrade, just log in and change your contribution. Piece of cake. Anyone can increase or decrease their order at any time.

Please help spread the word about this new option, especially if you live overseas. It’s way cheaper than paying for international shipping! Just paste this into Twitter or your favorite social media: The Pose Drawing Sparkbook on Kickstarter is now available as a standalone ebook!

Thanks to everyone for your support! The book is getting a lot of good buzz and I’m grateful.