They’re Here! Mostly Nonsense Starts Shipping Tomorrow

I just got back from the printer with 500 copies of Mostly Nonsense. They look good! I’m really excited to send them out to you!

Orders should start going out in tomorrow’s mail. I’ve got a lot of copies to sign and draw in (for Kickstarter backers who paid for those tiers) but I’ll be flinging them out to you as fast as I can over the next few days. Woo hoo!

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, you can still order copies of the physical book or PDF version in my store.

Mostly Nonsense PDF Now Available!

The PDF version of Mostly Nonsense is now available in my online store! Although the physical book won’t be shipping until around the end of December, you can order and download the PDF version right now. It’s DRM-free and has over 100 pages of cartoons and sketches.

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Check Out These Kickstarters

There’s some terrific projects on Kickstarter right now that might be of interest to other artists. Unfortunately I can’t get the videos to embed in my blog, but clicking the images below will take you to their Kickstarter page:

The NOMAD Art Satchel


I’ve seen a lot of gadgets and gizmos designed for artists ranging from brilliant to blah. The NOMAD Art Satchel looks like it belongs on the brilliant end of the spectrum, and judging by how quickly it was funded a lot of other artists think so too.

HOO-HAH! Heroes Behind The Heroes


This creators of HOO-HAH! Heroes Behind The Heroes have interviewed tons of really big names in the comic book industry for their documentary. Unfortunately they seem to be struggling to get traction on Kickstarter, but if you love comics this seems worthy of support.

Erfworld: Print Book 2, Draw Book 3


Full disclosure: I’m not a reader of Erfworld so I know very little about it, other than that creator Rob Balder has had three other Kickstarter projects that were wildly successful so there must be something there. Also, Rob was incredibly generous and helpful when I was launching my Kickstarter for the Pose Drawing Sparkbook so I’m happy to return the favor. Check out Erfworld: Print Book 2, Draw Book 3.



Webinar: Kickstarter Tips and Tricks

[youtube_sc url=t70EwHQf92U width=450]

After the successful launch of the Pose Drawing Sparkbook on Kickstarter I was hired by the folks at HOW Design University to create a webinar sharing tips and ideas to help other artists who are thinking about Kickstarter. They included the webinar in their one-day event “Strategies for Creative Freelancers”. Now that the event is over, I’m offering the webinar in my store as a download. It’s 80-minutes packed with all the helpful information I could think of. Above is a clip on planning your Kickstarter. Get more info or buy the webinar here.

I’ve Been Interviewed on “Creative Independence”


The super-talented-illustrator-and-all-around-nice-guy Bob Ostrom and his co-host Chris Wilson have re-launched their Creative Independence podcast and have given me the honor of the first interview! I prattled on about my Kickstarter campaign for the Pose Drawing Sparkbook, including what I learned and what I’d do differently next time. Give it a listen. And if you like what I have to say, you can get more info in my upcoming webinar “Kickstarter Tips and Tricks”.

Webinar: Kickstarter Tips and Tricks


I’ve put together a webinar about my Kickstarter experience called “Kickstarter Tips and Tricks”. I’m going to share what I learned, some mistakes I made, and what I hope will be lots of helpful advice for anyone thinking about doing a Kickstarter. Eventually I may sell the webinar on my website but for now it will be one of several webinars that are part of the “Strategies For Creative Freelancers” event on January 30, sponsored by HOW Design University. It’s a one-day event but if you sign up you can watch the webinar online 24/7 for an entire week,, download a copy to keep, and also get a  PDF of my notes. More info here.

EDIT: Use the promo code “CFWIN2014” and get the entire event for only $99.