How To Not Miss Any ‘Sketchbook Silliness’


During Inktober I decided to try adding a little humor to my warmup sketches, and pretty soon it became a regular thing. People seem to like it so I’ve started collecting them into a series for easier following and sharing. I originally called it “Drawing Dad Jokes” but decided I like the name “Sketchbook Silliness” a lot better. I’m still not exactly sure what I’m going to do with all these drawings (if anything), and I can’t promise they will be published on any sort of set schedule, but if they make you smile, laugh, or groan you now have several ways to follow them:

Funny Stuff Only:
If you just want to see my dopey doodles and nothing else, they now have their own website: It’s very much a work in progress but has an RSS feed if you are into that sort of thing. I’ve also given them their own Tumblr feed and a page on the webcomic site Tapastic. I’m also considering offering a subscribe-by-email service. Let me know in the comments if you think that would be worth doing. (EDIT: The email subscription is now available below in my website footer.)

Funny + Not As Funny:
If you don’t mind seeing the silly sketches mixed in with serious artwork and other updates from my studio you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as my regular Tumblr feed. And of course there’s always this here blog.

This whole thing is an experiment but I’m having a blast. Mostly I’m just grateful so many of you seem to be having fun with me.

Dave Coverley’s “Night of the Living Worms”


Dave Coverly is one of my favorite cartoonists. His award-winning strip “Speed Bump” is a clever and goofy gag fest. It kind of like The Far Side, but wittier and better drawn. I’ve met Dave once or twice and I even have an autographed original of one of his strips on my studio wall. So yes, I’m a fan. He’s also a super nice guy and I envy his brilliant, wacky sense of humor.

(Click to enlarge.)

I was recently sent a review copy of Dave’s new children’s book, Night of the Living Worms. It’s a fun story about the Early Bird’s little brother, also named Speed Bump, and his feathered buddy Slingshot. Since Speed Bump can never live up to his popular brother’s reputation (Speed Bump has tiny wings and likes to sleep in), he and Slingshot decide to go on a nighttime adventure. They discover a dangerous trap set by some night crawlers that might mean the death of Early Bird! Can Speed Bump save him before the sun comes up?

This is a heavily illustrated chapter book for young readers, with entertaining black-and-white drawings on every page. The writing is loose and casual, jumping from scene to scene at a fast clip.  The humor is jokey and silly, although the tone probably skews more towards boys (there are gags about bug-eating, burping, and a couple of potty jokes). It’s a bouncy, winding story that should keep kids engaged and entertained. If I’d been given this book as a kid I’m sure I would have re-read it a few times.

Dave Coverly is an award-winning cartoonist for good reason. This is an entertaining book and I’m happy to recommend it. You can order from Amazon here.

Random Silliness


Some guys take a break from work by going for a walk or grabbing a smoke. I photoshop Teddy Roosevelt riding a dinosaur on the moon. (Click for larger version).

#teddyroosevelt #dinosaur #humor #silly

Free Download: Inktober Sketchbook Ideas


It’s that time of year again. The leaves are turning color, the air is getting chilly, and artists everywhere are getting ready for Inktober! If you need some Inktober drawing ideas, I’ve put together a free PDF download of 31 drawing prompts based on the Pose Drawing Sparkbook. About 2/3 of the list is directly from the book, the rest are new! As with everything in the book they are specifically designed to help you practice making your drawings more expressive and entertaining:


Here’s the list in non-PDF form:

  1. Trying to close an overstuffed suitcase.
  2. A clumsy jester has spilled wine all over the king.
  3. A caveman teaching his pet dinosaur to play fetch.
  4. “I just heard the funniest joke!”
  5. An old professor chases his escaped lab rat through the university library.
  6. Asking a loan shark for money.
  7. Haven’t slept in three days.
  8. Illustrate “dignity”
  9. A hermit describing how he was abducted by a UFO.
  10. ‘The boy who cried wolf’ realizing that this time no one is coming.
  11. “There, there. It’s be all right.”
  12. A coach blowing his top during a halftime locker room speech.
  13. Learning to roller skate.
  14. A hammy actor fumbles and drops the skull during a performance of “Hamlet”
  15. An imaginative child playing with a cardboard box.
  16. Illustrate “macho”
  17. Just spilled a drink on your laptop.
  18. A timid person confronting a bully.
  19. Opening a door with your arms full.
  20. A young farm boy tries to get a stubborn goat out of it’s pen.
  21. Really telling someone off!
  22. “I may be old but I could still whip both of you!”
  23. At home alone watching a scary movie.
  24. Illustrate ”headache”
  25. Someone smashing their thumb with a hammer.
  26. Walking into a gust of wind.
  27. Telling a story to a child.
  28. A nervous criminal attempting his first robbery.
  29. “Aw, shucks!”
  30. Illustrate “out of breath”
  31. Dr. Jekyll transforming into Mr. Hyde


Unfortunately physical copies of the Pose Drawing Sparkbook are sold out but the PDF/ebook version is still available in my studio store. It’s cheaper, easy to carry around, and works as a companion to any normal sketchbook.

Enjoy this free download and please share it with others. Just post this link on your favorite social media:

Happy drawing!

When A Courtroom Sketch Artist Fails

Courtroom sketch artist Jane Rosenberg is the latest target of the internet’s ridicule thanks her unsuccessful drawing of NFL quarterback Tom Brady. As a courtroom sketch artist myself, I have a few thoughts to share.

Goldfish Plush


A couple of years ago Goldfish Swim Schools hired me to design a mascot named Bubbles. They liked him so much that, unbeknownst to me, they even made him into a plush! It was pretty cool when they sent me my very own Bubbles. He’s a welcome addition to my studio display shelf.

If you own a business, a mascot might be a great way to connect with your audience and increase brand awareness. Check out some of the benefits of using a mascot. If you are thinking it might be something you want to try, I’ve got a free questionnaire you can download to help you think more about how a mascot could help your specific needs.