Pre-Order Mostly Nonsense

Did you miss out on the Kickstarter for “Mostly Nonsense”? Have no fear! You can place a pre-order for the book (or the PDF ebook) over at my studio store. I’m getting ready to rush the files off to the printer hopefully tomorrow. I can’t guarantee it but I’m going to try my best to get the books shipped out in time for Christmas. If things go smoothly I can start putting them in the mail on December 18. (EDIT: Due to some printing delays the book will likely not ship until late December.)

Pre-Order Now

Mostly Nonsense is 100% Funded!

We did it! Mostly Nonsense is going to be published! Now I’m busy polishing up the final file to send it off to the printer. No guarantees but if all goes smoothly I’m hoping to have all the books out to everyone before Christmas.

Every Kickstarter backer will get several bonus rewards in addition to the book, including:

CARTOON MEMES – A pack of memes you can use to send well wishes to friends on social media (Happy Birthday, New Baby, etc.)

SKETCHERCISE PDF – 120 of my warmup sketches. These predate Sketchbook Silliness so there are no jokes, but what they lack in humor they make up for in elbow grease.

POSE DRAWING SPARKBOOK PDF – Designed to help you put more life and personality into your drawings. Contains hundreds of drawing prompts and six mini-chapters with thoughts and tips for making your drawings more expressive. A $15 value.

TWO MONTHS OF BONUS CARTOONS – Once every week or two I draw an exclusive bonus cartoon only for my $3 and up Patreon backers. For two months, my Kickstarter backers will get those cartoons too!

The Kickstarter ends at 4:20pm CST tomorrow (Thursday, Dec. 7) and then these bonus goodies disappear. If you have friends or followers who might be interested in them please share about Mostly Nonsense before it’s too late. Here’s the link:

Thanks again to all of you for your encouragement and support!

I’m Kickstarting a book of Sketchbook Silliness cartoons

People seem to like my Sketchbook Silliness cartoons. A few have gone mildly viral, I’ve gained thousands of followers on social media, and a few have been featured on the front pages of sites like 9gag and Imgur. Now that I’ve got over 100 cartoons under my belt I thought it was time for a book!

I’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign. Over 100 gag cartoons, 9×6″, softcover. Check it out!

Also, thanks to all of you who have read and shared my cartoons. It means a lot! Anything you can do to help spread the word would be deeply appreciated!

Podcast Interview: Comics Coast to Coast

I want to say a huge thanks to Comics Coast to Coast for interviewing me on their latest podcast. We talked about a lot of topics from Monster Cereals to toy design to digital brushes to ethnic sensitivities when designing characters. I talked a bit too fast in the first ten minutes or so (newbie mistake) but if you keep listening it gets better. It was a fun conversation and everyone was super nice! They do a great show and their past episodes are definitely worth digging through. Give ’em a listen!