Mr. Potato Head Packaging Art for Hasbro

Last year Hasbro hired me to illustrate the packaging for a new toy, Mr. Potato Head Goes Green. Now that it’s listed on Amazon I can finally reveal it. It’s a figurine that’s five inches tall, made from plant-based plastic, and ships in packaging that is almost entirely plastic-free. There are fifteen total pieces to swap around and play with.

Here’s the artwork I submitted:

And here’s how the final packaging turned out:

Some of my artwork is also being used as banners on the Amazon product page:

I’m told it’s available from Amazon and Whole Foods. I can’t wait for mine to arrive so I can add it to the packaging illustration display in my studio alongside artwork I’ve done for Cocoa Puffs, Monster Cereals, Gogurt, Hasbro Little Big Bites, Hasbro Wheel Pals, and others.