Baby Yoda Toy Concept for Hasbro

Last year Hasbro hired me to help out with early concept development for a Mandalorian toy featuring Baby Yoda (or Grogu as he came to be known). It was pretty straightforward: Sketch the little green guy holding a few specific items with an open-close grasping motion.

The toy, Galacatic Snackin’ Grogu, is now on the market so Hasbro has given me permission to show the work I did. Here’s how he turned out. Click the photo to see more images on the Hasbro website:

Play Doh Dino Crew Toys for Hasbro

Hasbro has a new line of dinosaur-themed toys called Play Doh Dino Crew. I got to help out with some of the early concept sketches.

Here are some early roughs exploring the possible look for a T-Rex and a Brontosaurus:

Here are some more sketches including transparent dino molds and a volcano playset (based partly on an early rough sent to me by the client):

After some review and feedback Hasbro asked for a front and top view of the play set, with a few changes:

After that the project left my hands and went into the Hasbro pipeline where more changes were made. The final result is a new line of toys called Play Doh Dino Crew. It features Crunchin’ T-Rex, Growin’ Tall Bronto, and Lava Bones Island.

Disney Figurines for Hasbro

Last year Hasbro hired me to do turnaround control art drawings for toy figurines featuring Disney characters Mrs. Potts and Lumiere from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and Jacques and Gus from CINDERELLA. Unfortunately the figurines never went into production but Hasbro gave me permission to share the work that I did.

Updated Toy Design Portfolio Download

I’ve made some long overdue updates to my Toy Industry Portfolio.

For over a decade now I’ve been working on projects in the toy biz for clients including Hasbro, Disney, Toys-R-Us, Crayola, Chick-Fil-A, and several smaller companies. I’ve helped design toys for brands including Angry Birds, Toy Story, Star Wars, Sesame Street, Marvel, Play Doh, and Littlest Pet Shop, just to name a few. I’ve illustrated packaging for Mr. Potato Head and Crayola, I’ve done control art (turnaround) drawings for Frozen, and I’ve illustrated stickers for My Little Pony.

If you need a concept artist or illustrator for a toy related project, or you know someone who might, please download this free PDF portfolio. Email it, share it, or print it out to bring to a meeting. I’d love to hear about your project and talk about how I could meet your needs.

Toy Concept: Wise Men On The Watch

An entrepreneur contacted me with an idea for a Christmas plush toy-and-book combo he was calling “Wise Men on the Watch”. He hired me to work up some simple concept sketches he could use in pitching his idea to investors.

Amusement Park Playset Concepts

The Smiley Company has a line of toy figurines based on the classic yellow smiley face we’ve all seen a thousand times. They hired me to help design a playset for the characters using an amusement park theme. Here are a couple of the concepts I submitted: