Play Doh Dino Crew Toys for Hasbro

Hasbro has a new line of dinosaur-themed toys called Play Doh Dino Crew. I got to help out with some of the early concept sketches.

Here are some early roughs exploring the possible look for a T-Rex and a Brontosaurus:

Here are some more sketches including transparent dino molds and a volcano playset (based partly on an early rough sent to me by the client):

After some review and feedback Hasbro asked for a front and top view of the play set, with a few changes:

After that the project left my hands and went into the Hasbro pipeline where more changes were made. The final result is a new line of toys called Play Doh Dino Crew. It features Crunchin’ T-Rex, Growin’ Tall Bronto, and Lava Bones Island.