Christmas Animation for Living Waters

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One of my favorite clients is Living Waters, a Christian ministry run by speaker and author Ray Comfort. Recently they hired me to create a fun ecard explaining the religious meanings behind Christmas. The script and voiceover were provided by them, then I did the animation and editing. It’s a combination of some new animation combined with clips from an earlier short I did for Living Waters back in 2010 (which now has over a half a million views on YouTube!) Living Waters would love this ecard to go viral so feel free to share it with others if you are so inclined. And of course, merry Christmas!

‘What’s In The Bible?’ Vol. 12 Now Available To Order

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What’s In The Bible? is the latest DVD series from VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer. Volume 12 has just been released, covering the parts of the New Testament written by the Apostle Paul. I got to design the character of Paul and it’s neat to see the animators bring him to life. What’s In The Bible? is a really fun, well-made series for kids and grown-ups alike. You can watch sample clips and order DVDs or digital downloads at

“What’s In The Bible?” Vol. 10 Now Available


Look what came in the mail!

Recently I posted some character design sketches I did for volume 10 of “What’s In The Bible?”, the new DVD series from Veggietales creator Phil Vischer. Using the regular mixture of puppets, animation, and live-action this two-part DVD covers the time between the Old and New Testaments and then the story of the Gospels – in other words the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. I just got my copy and after watching it for the first time I gotta say I was really pleased with how it turned out. I think I can safely say this is my favorite episode so far.

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Here’s the trailer for Volume 10. If you’ll allow me to play salesman for a moment, you can order physical DVDs or digital downloads at Also, if you subscribe to you can stream all episodes of “What’s In The Bible?” to any computer or mobile device.

And no, I don’t earn any royalties or kickbacks from sales of the videos. I just really believe in the project (both it’s content and quality) and I want to help spread the word.

New Cartoon Gospel Tract


Back in 2005 I illustrated a cartoon Gospel tract called “Are You A Good Person?”, based on a presentation by Christian author and speaker Ray Comfort for the ministry of Living Waters. To date they’ve distributed over five million copies of the tract and it has been translated into twenty languages. There’s even been an animated version produced (which I supervised) that has so far had almost 450,000 views on YouTube. By sheer numbers that little cartoon tract has been seen by more people than any other single project I’ve ever worked on.

Recently I illustrated another tract for their ministry, this time taking one of their oldest tracts and updating it with modern artwork. It’s called “Hey, Kids!”. There are eight pages total, and the last two pages are pictured below. You can read the entire thing and order copies from Living Waters here.

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Gospel tracts often get a bad rap, and rightfully so. Often they tend to be tacky, silly, cheesy, or insulting. Living Waters is one of the few ministries I’ve seen that actually tries hard to create Christian literature that is attractive, intriguing, and sometimes even humorous. Their goal is to create things people would actually *want* to read. Obviously it’s impossible to create literature of any kind, religious or not, that will appeal to everyone and offend no one. But as Christian tracts go they try to keep the bar pretty high, and I feel grateful to have been able to help them out.

Character Designs For “What’s In The Bible?”

As some of you know, one of my clients is VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer. Over the past few months he’s hired me to do little snippets of animation here and there for his new educational series “What’s In The Bible?”. Recently he wrapped up a 9-DVD series on the Old Testament and started work on the New Testament, which is the part of the Bible that covers everything from the life of Jesus onward.

I’m an OK animator but one of my specialties is character design. I was pretty excited (and a little humbled) when Phil asked me to design several of the major characters from the life of Jesus, including the Disciples. Another artist had already designed Jesus so my job was to create characters that looked like they belonged in the same “world” as Jesus, visually and stylistically.

Animation Character Designs of Apostles and Disciples
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I started with the Disciples. Since I wasn’t animating the characters, only designing them, to simplify things I used only three body types – large, medium, and skinny/small. That way the animators only had to build three “puppets” and then just decorate them with different heads and clothing.

I was also asked to design members of the four major Jewish sects that existed in Jesus’ day – the Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, and Zealots

Animation Character Designs of Pharisees

The Pharisees (pictured above) were the religious conservatives of their day. They took the Scriptures very literally and were extremely strict about following all of the rules. They were also very self-righteous and spent a lot of time following Jesus around trying to trap him or trip him up.

Animation Character Designs of Sadducees

The Sadducees were sort of the religious liberals of their day in that they held to a looser interpretation of Scripture, even going so far as to say there was no life after death. They were very wealthy and seemed more interested in politics than religion. They bent over backward to keep the Roman Empire happy.

Animation Character Designs of Essenes

The Essenes were a bit like monks. They pulled themselves away from normal society and started communes in the caves and hills, where they spent much of their time praying, reading, and making copies of religious texts.

Animation Character Designs of Zealots

The fourth group were the Zealots. They had a fiery religious passion and they hated being ruled by the Romans. They believed God should be their only ruler, and many Zealots had no problem using violence to achieve their goals. Interestingly, one of Jesus’ disciples (Simon) was a Zealot while another (Matthew) was a tax collector who had spent his life working for the Romans, yet both found peace and friendship through following Jesus.

I also designed the apostles Paul and Stephen, but since they don’t show up until the next DVD I’ll have to wait to show them to you.

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Here’s a YouTube trailer for What’s In The Bible? Volume 10, the episode that uses these character designs. It should be available for purchase in February. In the mean time, Phil Vischer is currently offering a free download of the first episode using this link.  If you have kids you might also want to know about, a subscription site (only $5/month) that gives you instant access to over 100 hours of Christian media for children, including every single episode of What’s In The Bible?. Just thought I’d mention that.

EDIT: Volume 10 is now available for order.

Merry Christmas – Cartoon Edition


Merry Christmas everyone! I’d like to use the occasion of Christmas to post a link to an animation project I developed in 2010 for the ministry of Living Waters. They hired me to produce a short cartoon that explains the basic Christian message, and in a round-about way I hope it helps explain why the birth of Jesus Christ was such a big deal. To date it has received over 430,000 views on YouTube and has been subtitled into nineteen other languages. I only did some of the animation but I designed all of the characters, props, and backgrounds (the above image is based on a still from the cartoon). If you like the video you can download an HD version for free to use however you’d like.

If you haven’t already I’d be honored if you’d take five minutes out of your busy holiday to watch it. If not, thanks for indulging me. Either way, here’s wishing you a very merry Christmas and happy new year!

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