Weather Cartoon: Clouds

A few months ago I was hired by Spider Magazine to do a full-page comic based on the theme “weather”. This is one of several ideas I submitted. It’s not the one they chose but I liked it enough to finish it up anyway.

T-shirt Art For My Parent’s Anniversary


My parent’s celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary on March 14, which also happens to be “Pie Day”. Math nerds will recognize Pi as a number famous for going on forever. It literally has no end but the first five digits are “3.1415”. Hence, the date 3/14/15 is “Pi (or Pie) Day”.

My parents asked me to get them a “Pi Day” t-shirt for the occasion. If you do a Google image search for “pi day” you see lots of apple pies cut in the shape of a Pi symbol, that sort of thing. That seemed a little too on-the-nose for me. Besides, this wasn’t just Pi day. It was also their 45th anniversary, which is quite a milestone. So I wanted to do something special just for them.

I pondered for a while…how could I combine pi, pie, and a wedding anniversary into one design?

This is what I came up with. My dad loves lemon pie, and the classic pie-in-the-face gag seemed like a fun way to illustrate the ups and downs of marriage. My only regret is that I didn’t do a better job of capturing their likenesses. These cartoon people only bare a vague resemblance to my parents. Caricature was never my strong suit.

For the record, my mom and dad actually get along pretty well. Like any couple they have their disagreements but my mom is actually a pretty calm person and my dad is not the type of guy to deserve such treatment. But the image was fun to draw and, I hope, gets across the point that marriage is hard but it’s worth hanging in there for.

Sketchbook Update 1-21-15



Today’s warmup sketch. Not sure it was 100% successful but it was based on a prompt from the Pose Drawing Sparkbook, “Smarmy”.


My Audio Commentary On A Classic Popeye Cartoon

[youtube_sc url=iblAFBcwWzI width=430]

Thought I’d try something different. Just for fun I’ve recorded my own audio commentary on a classic public-domain Popeye cartoon (“A Date To Skate”, 1938) focusing on pose drawing and animation. Let me know what you think.

I’m also starting to build my own YouTube channel with misc. odds and ends related to drawing (demo videos, etc.).  Not sure just exactly where I’m going with it yet, but you can subscribe to the channel and find out.

Cartoon Vehicles for Spaner Marketing

Recently I was approached by a new client, Spaner Marketing, with an advertising concept for a company called SageQuest. SageQuest uses GPS technology to help delivery drivers, technicians, and other employees who spend time behind the wheel by tracking their locations, vehicle efficiency, etc. The ad tagline was “Talk To Your Trucks”. They asked me to illustrate some cartoon vehicles to go with the ads.

The challenge was to try to avoid something that looked like a knock-off of Pixar’s “Cars” franchise. I thought about using the eyes as headlights but that’s very cliche and it crunches the face down too low on the vehicle. Also, most headlights aren’t round these days so it might look odd on modern vehicles. So here’s a few doodles I submitted playing around with possible ideas:


Eventually the client decided they wanted to float pupils over the hood and use the windshield wipers for eyebrows. To help differentiate from Pixar I also left teeth out of the mouths (except for when it was needed for a big grin), and kept the windshields nice and dark. Here’s the final ads with copy: