Inktober 2016, Days 1-3:

Been too busy to blog so I’m grouping three days into one post.


Day 1: I feel like I’m cheating because this is just a rough doodle but it was such a long, full day that I didn’t get a chance to pick up a pen until after 10pm. I started with a drawing prompt from the Pose Drawing Sparkbook that reads, “Trying to close an overstuffed suitcase.” Then I thought, “How could I make that funny?” This is where my brain went. Maybe later I’ll do a polished version for Sketchbook Silliness.


Day 2: Since it wasSunday I did some work on a serious (not jokey) comic idea about Jesus as the Good Shepherd. Something about it still feels kinda under-cooked so I’ve decided to set it aside for now, but here’s a sneak peek at part of one panel.


Day 3: A sneak peek at tomorrow’s Sketchbook Silliness cartoon.

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