More Concept Art for VeggieTales


Last year I did some work on the new VeggieTales DVD that’s just now hitting the shelves, called “The Little House That Stood” (Amazon link). My comp copy came in the mail today. It features two stories: The first combines the Three Little Pig with the biblical parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders. The second story is a goofy retelling of Humpty Dumpty.

I was hired to do a smattering of concept art for this episode: I roughed out some early costume concepts; illustrated a few pieces of texture art for some signage and misc. props; and designed a cartoon goose that Larry calls “Mother”.

First, here’s the turnarounds for the goose I designed and a screen shot of the final animation:

VeggieTales character design turnarounds by Cedric HohnstadtVeggieTales character design turnarounds by Cedric HohnstadtVeggieTales Screen Grab

In the first story Larry, Bob, and Mr. Lunt appear as construction workers. Here’s some quick, rough thumbnails I whipped up of possible costume ideas:

VeggieTales rough costume ideas by Cedric Hohnstadt

Finally, I created several pieces of texture art for the show. Here’s two of them: A backdrop for a weather forecast, and a fold-out map for use as a prop. (I slipped in a reference to the original “Superman” movie on the map. See if you can spot it.):

VeggieTales background texture illustration by Cedric Hohnstadt

VeggieTales texture art by Cedric Hohnstadt.


(Click to enlarge.)

You can order the DVD “The Little House That Stood” from Amazon or from your favorite Christian retailer.