I’m On Instagram

instagram iconA few weeks ago I decided to join the cool kids and get an instagram account. I’m not sure how to share the link outside of the Instagram website (if that’s even possible) but all you Instagramers can look me up by my username, “cedrichohnstadt“. If you follow my studio on Facebook (www.facebook.com/cedricstudio) you can also see my Instagram activity there – although it seems a bit buggy. Sometimes things show up in the feed, other times not.

I plan to primarily post sketches, doodles, and other artwork, and occasionally other items of interest. For instance, I posted a few pics from the CTN Expo a couple of weeks ago. But mostly it will be artwork. Look for me on a smart phone near you.

EDIT: I guess Instagram recently made some changes to their still-very-minimalist website (either that or I just didn’t know how to navigate it correctly) and you can now view my page on your web browser. Here you go.