VeggieTales Costumes and Props

Last year I was hired by Big Idea to design some costumes and props for a VeggieTales compilation DVD called “God Loves You Very Much” (Amazon link). The DVD contains three previously published VeggieTales stories (“The Ballad of Little Joe”, “Gideon: Tuba Warrior” and “Rack Shack and Benny”) but new countertop segments were created to weave the stories together. My work was used in those kitchen comedy bits.

Veggietales-LarryVeggietales-BobVeggieTales-EaselThe script called for a few of the characters to create paintings during the countertop segments. Here’s a couple of the prop paintings I created:


“God Loves You Very Much” can be purchased from Amazon. (Full disclosure: If you click and then buy, Amazon will drop a few coins into my piggy bank.)

EDIT: Here’s a screen grab showing how it all turned out:

VeggieTales screen grab