The Book Sale Strikes Back

That’s right. I’m having another book sale.

I’ve got a pretty large collection of art books in my studio library. Too many in fact. I bought a stack of books last summer at Comic-Con and they’ve been piled neatly on my studio floor all these months because there’s just no room for them on the shelves. So it’s time to prune everything down again.

I’ve listed a few books for sale on Amazon and hope to add more in the next few days. You can view a live update of everything I have available on my storefront:

I’ve tried to undercut other Amazon sellers whenever possible. If I’ve got a like-new copy I’m not going to sell it for cheaper than someone selling a raggedy book full of highlighting and coffee stains, but if my copy is in the same condition as one listed by another seller I’ve tried to underbid him. They could always counter by lowering their price (some sellers even have software that does this automatically) but for the moment at least, buying from me will get you the best deal. You can check for sure by clicking on the item and looking at the various “Used and New” offers.

Happy shopping!

EDIT: While I’m at it I‘m also selling an autographed “Emperor’s New Groove” Kuzko maquette combined with an original drawing of Kuzko by Nik Ranieri. Better than a toasted plate of spinach puffs!