Sketchbook Update: Learned Elephant


The League of Cartoonists group on Facebook posts a new drawing prompt every other day. A recent one was “Learned Elephant”. I liked how my initial sketch turned out so I decided to polish it up and experiment a bit with some color and texture effects in Photoshop.

The Book Sale Strikes Back

That’s right. I’m having another book sale.

I’ve got a pretty large collection of art books in my studio library. Too many in fact. I bought a stack of books last summer at Comic-Con and they’ve been piled neatly on my studio floor all these months because there’s just no room for them on the shelves. So it’s time to prune everything down again.

I’ve listed a few books for sale on Amazon and hope to add more in the next few days. You can view a live update of everything I have available on my storefront:

I’ve tried to undercut other Amazon sellers whenever possible. If I’ve got a like-new copy I’m not going to sell it for cheaper than someone selling a raggedy book full of highlighting and coffee stains, but if my copy is in the same condition as one listed by another seller I’ve tried to underbid him. They could always counter by lowering their price (some sellers even have software that does this automatically) but for the moment at least, buying from me will get you the best deal. You can check for sure by clicking on the item and looking at the various “Used and New” offers.

Happy shopping!

EDIT: While I’m at it I‘m also selling an autographed “Emperor’s New Groove” Kuzko maquette combined with an original drawing of Kuzko by Nik Ranieri. Better than a toasted plate of spinach puffs!

Art Books For Sale

Last week I mentioned that I was cleaning out my studio closets and selling a few misc. art and animation books on I received some requests to know what I’m selling, so here’s the list. If anyone is interested, just click on the item to buy. There’s some good deals if you don’t mind books that are slightly used.

Stuff I Recommend


I’m a huge collector of reference books. Among the dozens and dozens of books in my studio, there are a select few that I would highly recommend for any professional illustrator/character designer/animator to own. If you make your living drawing, this stuff can inspire you, boost your skills, maybe help advance your career or even increase your income. As part of my goal to make this blog a truly helpful resource for my readers, I’ve created a list on that organizes them under various headings. Categories include:

—Character Design
—Artist’s Reference
—Art Instruction
—Color Guides (for artists like me who struggle with color)

A link to the list will be permanently displayed on the blog sidebar.

In the interest of full disclosure I should mention that if you buy something from my list, will toss a few coins my way. I’m certainly not going to get rich off of it, but maybe it will be enough to buy a few extra cans of Monster Low-Carb.


While we’re on the subject, you may also have noticed the Tip Monkey that showed up on my sidebar a few days ago. I post new content every weekday primarily because I enjoy it. But it does take work. I want my blog to be a fun place, so no pressure. But if you visit regularly and if you’ve truly benefited from it, I certainly wouldn’t mind a small tip now and then. Either way, I’m grateful to have you reading.

Here endeth the sales pitch. Look for new, fun content again on Monday!