Sketchbook Update 4-13-12

Sketchcard - Superkid

Lately I’ve been experimenting with a new self-promotion idea based on advice from two people: my friend and fellow artist Tim Hodge, and Marcia Hoeck, the consultant I hired last year. I bought some blank greeting cards at the art store and sometimes instead of sketching in my sketchbook I’ll doodle something on one of the cards. If it turns out halfway decently I’ll mail it to a client or potential client with a personal note as a way to (I hope) stand out from all the other illustrators who’s work is flooding their desks. If I can time it with their birthday, bonus!

Last night while crunching on a deadline I had to force-restart my computer. While I waited for everything to boot back up I worked up this doodle. I really liked how it turned out, and since Tim’s birthday was this month I’ll be sending it to him as a way to say “Thanks” for turning me on to the idea.