My Audio Commentary On A Classic Popeye Cartoon

[youtube_sc url=iblAFBcwWzI width=430]

Thought I’d try something different. Just for fun I’ve recorded my own audio commentary on a classic public-domain Popeye cartoon (“A Date To Skate”, 1938) focusing on pose drawing and animation. Let me know what you think.

I’m also starting to build my own YouTube channel with misc. odds and ends related to drawing (demo videos, etc.).  Not sure just exactly where I’m going with it yet, but you can subscribe to the channel and find out.

The Pose Drawing Sparkbook Is Now Available In The iBooks Store!


The Pose Drawing Sparkbook is a workbook of sorts I designed to help artists put more life into their drawings, and it’s finally made it to the iBooks store. Well, the Basic version is there. I’m still waiting for the Expanded version to be approved by Apple, hopefully very soon. (The Expanded version includes 200 bonus sketchbook ideas in the back of the book that are not included in the physical book or the basic ebook).

I currently sell the ebook in my own store in three formats: PDF, Kindle, and Nook/ePub (the PDF version is by far the most popular). Unfortunately Apple’s policies prohibit me from selling the iBooks version anywhere except in their store, so if you want that format you have to get it through them.

If you’d rather have a physical copy of the Sparkbook it’s available either on my website or from Amazon.

My First Ever Drawing Demo Video

[youtube_sc url=ySOCLvMO-Js width=430]

I’ve just completed my first-ever YouTube drawing demo video. Back when I was raising funds on Kickstarter for the Pose Drawing Sparkbook, I promised my backers that if we reached a certain goal I’d do a demo video, with commentary, based on a drawing prompt from the book. The prompt I chose reads: “Vending machine took their money”.

There’s a bit of a learning curve, for instance I talk too fast at first. But it was a lot of fun. Hopefully there’s something here that people will find helpful. This was sort of “test run” to work out a few kinks as I prepare my upcoming webinar, “Bringing Your Drawings To Life” (which is available for pre-order in my store).

Here’s how the finished sketch turned out:


Sketchbook Update: Snake Oil Salesman

Snake Oil Salesman - Sketch by Cedric Hohnstadt

Here’s a sketch I did recently based on a drawing prompt from the Pose Drawing Sparkbook: “Snake oil salesman giving his sales pitch in an old west town”.


Save 15% on the Pose Drawing Sparkbook!


Got a New Year’s resolution to make better drawings? Save 15% on the Pose Drawing Sparkbook now through Jan. 10 with promo code “newyear2014”. Happy new year!

Launch Day! Pose Drawing Sparkbook + Facebook Gallery


It’s finally here! The official book launch for the Pose Drawing Sparkbook kicks off today at the CTN Animation Expo in Burbank. My wife Jennie will be joining me at table XB06, which will be out in the tent. Here’s my location on the floor plan (click to enlarge):

Map-My Location

If you’ve already pre-ordered the ebook, by now you should have received a download link via email. As for the physical book, you can pick up your copy from my table at the Expo. Otherwise, as soon as I get back from the Expo we’ll start mailing out orders.

If you are new to the party, you can learn about the Sparkbook, read excerpts, and order a copy through my studio store,

New! Sparkbook Gallery on Facebook

I’ve also created a gallery on Facebook where anyone can upload the drawings they are making from the Sparkbook prompts. No purchase necessary – you can get started with my free download of 100 sketchbook ideas taken from the bonus section in the back of the book.

Happy sketching!