For Sale: Autographed Kuzko Maquette and Original Drawing

Kuzko maquette and drawing

Since I’m doing a book sale to thin out my studio shelves and make room for new stuff, I thought it would also be a good time to part with my “Emperor’s New Groove” maquette-and-drawing combo.

I originally purchased this pair of Disney goodies at a fundraising auction. The first item is a limited edition animation maquette of Kuzko from “The Emperor’s New Groove”, signed by the lead animator (Nik Ranieri) and the sculptor (Raffaello Vecchione). The second is an original, signed sketch of Kuzko by Nik Ranieri on genuine old-fashioned animation paper.

I’m auctioning both items together as a set on ebay. Jump on over to read more info and/or place a bid.