Random Silliness


Some guys take a break from work by going for a walk or grabbing a smoke. I photoshop Teddy Roosevelt riding a dinosaur on the moon. (Click for larger version).

#teddyroosevelt #dinosaur #humor #silly

Sketchbook Update: Happy Birthday!


For the longest time I’ve been meaning to sketch something up I could use to wish people a happy birthday on Facebook, via email, etc. Yesterday I was noodling around in my digital sketchbook and I started drawing silly cupcakes. Eventually it morphed into this. It’s a bit bizarre but it will do for now.

If you’d like to post/share this image on Facebook, feel free. If you’d like to use it for any commercial ventures please contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss pricing.

#birthday #happybirthday #funny #humor

Sketchbook Update 1-19-15


I’m trying to be more consistent about making time for a daily practice sketch or warmup drawing in between my client work. This is what I doodled up yesterday.