Christmas Animation for Living Waters

One of my favorite clients is Living Waters, a Christian ministry run by speaker and author Ray Comfort. Recently they hired me to create a fun ecard explaining the religious meanings behind Christmas. The script and voiceover were provided by them, then I did the animation and editing. It’s a combination of some new animation combined with clips from an earlier short I did for Living Waters back in 2010 (which now has over a half a million views on YouTube!) Living Waters would love this ecard to go viral so feel free to share it with others if you are so inclined. And of course, merry Christmas!

VeggieTales Concepts for “Merry Larry”

I was hired by Big Idea to do some character concept art for their latest VeggieTales DVD, Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas (Amazon link). This episode features a guest narrator, Uncle Si from the runaway hit cable series Duck Dynasty.

Here’s a few rough concepts and final turnarounds, followed by some screen captures from the episode. Bob’s glasses were removed for the final show (I suspect because having unobstructed eyes makes the acting a bit clearer), but overall the end result stayed pretty close to what I submitted.

(Click to enlarge)

Bob Turnarounds for "Merry Larry" Christina Turnarounds for "Merry Larry" Larry Turnarounds for "Merry Larry" Mr Lunt Turnarounds for "Merry Larry" Miss Lewis Turnarounds for "Merry Larry"

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Merry Christmas – Cartoon Edition


Merry Christmas everyone! I’d like to use the occasion of Christmas to post a link to an animation project I developed in 2010 for the ministry of Living Waters. They hired me to produce a short cartoon that explains the basic Christian message, and in a round-about way I hope it helps explain why the birth of Jesus Christ was such a big deal. To date it has received over 430,000 views on YouTube and has been subtitled into nineteen other languages. I only did some of the animation but I designed all of the characters, props, and backgrounds (the above image is based on a still from the cartoon). If you like the video you can download an HD version for free to use however you’d like.

If you haven’t already I’d be honored if you’d take five minutes out of your busy holiday to watch it. If not, thanks for indulging me. Either way, here’s wishing you a very merry Christmas and happy new year!


Merry Christmas!

Christmas illustration

I’ve been too busy to design, print, and mail an actual Christmas card this year. So once again I went the digital route and sent a Christmas email with the above image to everyone on my mailing list. (Click the image to enlarge).

If you didn’t get one, you are welcome to sign up over to the right of this blog post, or on the Contact page of my website. About every 6-8 weeks I send out a brief email update on my latest project(s), and sometimes include links to interesting blog posts.

Either way, I appreciate your taking time to swing by and I’m deeply grateful for your interest in my work. So to all of you, have a very merry Christmas! I hope your year ahead is a very pleasant and prosperous one.

Christmas Humor

Missle-Toe Cartoon

Got a little silly in the sketchbook today. Merry Christmas everyone!

Packaging Art for Leahy’s Leprechaun Ears

A couple of years ago I was hired by the owner of a small food company to design a mascot for a new line of chocolate covered cashews. His idea was to call them “Chocolate Covered Elf Ears”, since the shape reminded him of the ears on a small elf and he thought it would be a fun way to make his product stand out a bit from the other chocolate covered nuts on the shelf. I was asked to design an appealing elf character with chocolate ears—certainly not your everyday request—dressed in green so that he could be used for marketing pushes during both Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day.

Leahy's Chocolate Covered Leprechaun Ears

I’m not a graphic designer so the client hired another artist to design the label. Today I received a package containing the final product, “Leahy’s Chocolate Covered Leprechaun Ears”. Because of the word “leprechaun” instead of “elf”, and since we just wrapped up the Christmas season, I’m assuming this is the packaging that will be in stores for St. Patrick’s Day.

My family and I all agree, they’re delicious. The chocolate is smooth and rich, not dry or rubbery. It tastes like a quality product and I’m happy to recommend it.

So far the chocolate cashews are only available in one retail location, a Minneapolis specialty food store called Local D’Lish. If they become available elsewhere, either in stores or online, I’ll let you know.