Do you want to improve as an artist? Need some advice on freelancing? Now might be the perfect time to step back and take a hard look at your portfolio, work on improving your skills, and addressing weak spots in your presentation so that when the economy kicks back in you are ready to hit the ground running. One way to do that is to get fresh input from an experienced professional. Like me!


Whether you are a student with a sketchbook or a professional with a full portfolio, I’ll take a good look at your work. I’ll tell you where you can improve, try to offer helpful pointers, and answer any questions you might have about drawing or the business of freelancing.


How It Works


  1. Sign up for a 30-minute online session.
  2. Send me your work (point me to your website or upload it to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
  3. For thirty minutes we’ll talk about your work and you can pick my brain.

About Me

For over twenty years I’ve worked as a full-time professional illustrator, toy designer, and concept artist.

View My Portfolio

  • I’ve illustrated cereal boxes for General Mills and packaging for Gogurt, Crayola, Orville Redenbacher, and Hasbro
  • I’ve helped design toys for Disney and Hasbro, and kids’ meal toys for Chick-Fil-A.
  • I’ve illustrated stories for Scholastic and Highlights! Magazine.
  • I’ve designed animated characters for VeggieTales and supervised the animation of Mr. Potato Head for the Hasbro website.
  • I’ve helped with visual development of advertising for Coca-Cola, Target, Best Buy, Green Giant, and Mazda.
  • I’ve worked with licensed properties including Star Wars, My Little Pony, The Avengers, Mr. Potato Head, Transformers, Pound Puppies, Toy Story, Despicable Me, and Sesame Street.
  • I’ve done courtroom sketches that have appeared on CNN, FoxNews, and MSNBC.
  • I authored the Pose Drawing Sparkbook, a tool for helping artists put more life and personality into their drawings.
  • I’ve created the webcomic Sketchbook Silliness with several comics going viral. My comics have been voted to the front pages of Reddit, Imgur, and Bored Panda.