Pose Drawing Sparkbook Webinar by Cedric Hohnstadt

“Bringing Your Drawings To Life” is a 90-minute video download jam-packed with insights and tips to help you put more life and personality into your drawings. It’s not a “how to draw” video, it’s about how to think as you draw. It expands on many of the ideas included in the Pose Drawing Sparkbook, such as:

  • Four ways to make your drawings more entertaining
  • How to think like an actor
  • Tips for making your drawings read clearly
  • Ideas for bringing out the personality in your characters
  • Understanding how your characters fit in the larger story
  • Recommended resources for further study

I tried to cram this webinar full with everything I know about making entertaining drawings. The audio is slightly “tin can” sounding but I hope the abundance of informative content will make up for that. The video is available as an HD download in .m4v format.

Here’s some clips:

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