Originally launched on Kickstarter, the Pose Drawing Sparkbook includes:

• Over 32 pages of articles on topics such as acting, facial expressions, posing, and adding clarity and personality to your drawings.

• 100 drawing prompts for you to sketch, carefully crafted for their acting potential. Each one includes:
-An emotion to express
-An action involving the entire body
-An entertaining situation (humorous or dramatic)
-Can be a springboard for a full scene or mini-story.
Think of them as acting exercises that you draw! Examples: “Someone you don’t like tries to give you a hug”, “Reunited with a lost pet”, and “Scrooge wakes up on Christmas morning a changed man”.

• Hundreds of bonus sketchbook ideas to challenge your acting and drawing skills. Lists include: 100 Props, 100 Phrases, 100 Emotions, and 100 Daily Situations. (If you order the Expanded PDF each list includes 50 additional items for a total of 200 bonus sketchbook ideas.)

• Access to the Sparkbook Gallery on Facebook where you can share your work and see what others are doing with the drawing prompts from the book.

It’s not really a “how to draw” book. It’s more of a “how to think” book. It’s designed to help you think about acting and posing as you draw your characters.

Read Excerpts:
“Action Reveals Character” “Acting With The Entire Body” “Personality and Emotions”

Here’s the video I originally used to launch my Kickstarter campaign:

The foreword was written by Emmy-winning character designer Dan Haskett. Read some reviews of the Pose Drawing Sparkbook at and