Children’s Book for Spire Credit Union

Spire is a Minneapolis-based credit union. A few years ago the Minneapolis Star-Tribune hired me to illustrate a full-page ad for Spire. They liked what I did enough to continue hiring me for a steady series of ads and promotional materials. The most recent is a children’s book designed to help kids get started on their first savings account.

One of my Spire illustrations featured a cartoon dog. He’s a yellow lab that Spire has since adopted as their mascot. They named him Cash and asked me to illustrate a children’s book (written by John DuBois) about a young boy named Dan who wants to save up enough money to buy the necessary food and supplies to adopt Cash as his own.

Here’s a few spot illustrations from the book:

The book is hot off the presses and I just received a few sample copies. My understanding is that copies of the book will be available soon at various Spire Credit Union locations (if they aren’t already).