Concept Art for “Celery Night Fever”

The new VeggieTales DVD “Celery Night Fever” (Amazon link) has just been released. It’s a story about forgiveness with Bob and Larry playing 70’s-era disco stars. I had the really fun job of coming up with costumes for Bob and Larry, both as young celebrities and as old modern-day grandparents:

Bob and Larry-"Celery Night Fever"

Old Bob & Larry-"Celery Night Fever"


Young Bob-"Celery Night Fever"

Old Larry-"Celery Night Fever"

Grandpa Bob-"Celery Night Fever"

Here’s a screen shot of the final animation:


There’s even a plush version of Disco Larry based on my design. Cool!


I also got to design a fun little frog character. He’s only on screen for a moment but we still had to figure out what he would look like so the animation studio could build him:

Frog Turnarounds-"Celery Night Fever"


I almost forgot…the villain is voiced by Terry Crews (the Old Spice guy)!


Celery Night Fever is available now in stores or for digital download (iTunes, Amazon, etc.). Here’s the trailer:

[youtube_sc url=HgpCZUFulC8 width=450]