Sketchbook Update: ‘Horse Mask’ for Sketch Dailies

Fashion Horse-llustration by Cedric Hohnstadt

I’ve been doing a ton of client work over the past few weeks (most of which I can’t show or talk about). Every once in a while I just have to set it all aside and play around with my sketchbook.

Over on Twitter is a fun feed called @sketch_dailies. They publish a daily character-based sketchbook idea, then artists from all over the world sketch their interpretation of the subject and post it on Twitter. If Sketch Dailies likes what you did they’ll retweet it to their massive audience.

Yesterday’s theme was an unusual one: “horse mask”. After rubbing my chin for a minute I thought it might be interesting to contrast a silly horse mask with something classy and sophisticated. After poking around on Google Image Search I found this image. I liked the sweater and the pose, and this weird and random doodle is what came out of my stylus.