From the Archives

Last year I used Apple’s iPhoto printing services to print a small paperback version of my portfolio. The prices are reasonable, the printing looks very professional, and it’s been a great way for me to promote my work in person or target desired clients through the mail. I’m down to one copy left so its time to order a new batch. I thought I’d update some of the artwork, and in the process I came across these sketches that somehow never made it onto my blog or website.

I was approached by a manufacturing supply company whose mascot is a cartoon pig. They were looking for ideas for a new sidekick character to partner with the current mascot. They wanted someone who was stupid and/or mischevous. The idea was that he would always be breaking safety rules (either intentionally or not, that part hadn’t been decided). His humorous mishaps were intended to teach employees and customers about product safety.

Unfortunately the project never got past the early sketch phase. But these are some of the designs I had submitted.