Day of the Field Trip Zombies!

(Click image for larger version.)

Last week I finally completed the artwork for “Day of the Field Trip Zombies” for Stone Arch Books. This is now the sixth children’s book I’ve ever illustrated, but unlike the rest it is a “graphic novel” (fancy name for a comic book). It was a lot of fun, but having never pencilled, inked, and colored a graphic novel before it took a lot longer than other books I’ve done. If you think of each panel as its own illustration, this 32-page book has over 60 illustrations, and approximately 1/4 of them are “crowd scenes” (which for my definitition is 5 or more characters in one shot). I had to really rush at the end so I’m being very selective about which pages I’m showing. But it really was a lot of fun, and the illustrations should work fine for the target audience (young children).

I think the book will be out this fall.