Bullhead Days

I’ve had some pretty fun projects lately.

I spent my my teenage years in the small town of Waterville, MN, the Bullhead Capital of the World. Every summer they celebrate with Bullhead Days, a town festival complete with a parade, carnival rides, a fried bullheads stand on the corner, and a Miss Bullhead competition (well, they call it “Miss Waterville” but I say why break with the theme?) This year is Waterville’s 150th anniversary. I was given the honor of designing a button and t-shirts to be sold as a fundraiser. It’s a pro bono project so I couldn’t spend a ton of time on it, but this is what I came up with. (I didn’t realize this was the 150th anniversary until after I had completed the design, but they told me not to worry about it since the celebration will be rather low-key).

And in case you are wondering, the bullhead’s name is Barney. Barney got his start as a go-cart dressed up to look like a bullhead. The owner drives Barney in the parade each year, complete with mechanical swishing tail.

Who says small town life is boring?