The Atheist Test

One of my clients is Living Waters, a Christian ministry headed by Ray Comfort. Among other things they produce a line of eye-catching Gospel tracts designed to help people understand the seriousness of their sins and their need for a Savior. I think overall they do a good job of trying to share hard, important truths with creativity and even some humor.

Recently they hired me to help refresh one of their oldest tracts, “The Atheist Test”. It had been a small black-and-white booklet with outdated graphics. They wanted to re-design it as a bright, colorful comic strip. My job was to edit down the text and then add some fun visuals.

The whole thing is 8 pages long. Here’s the first three pages. You can read the rest, or order copies, on the Living Waters website.

Atheist Test - Page 1Atheist Test - Page 2Atheist Test - Page 3

Click here to read the rest or to order copies.