Wanna Buy Some Stuff?


Got some money burning a hole in your pocket but nothing to spend it on? I’m here to help.

First, I’ve just updated my Cedric Hohnstadt Recommends¬†store on Amazon.com. Lots of books, DVDs, and other resources that I give a big thumbs up to. Full disclosure: You don’t pay any extra by buying through my store instead of through Amazon’s normal channels, but Amazon will give me a tiny sliver of whatever you wind up spending after clicking over to the store.

While I was hanging around Amazon I also created a store with a few of the books & DVDs I’ve worked on in the past. Same disclosure applies.

Finally, if you are really desperate to part with your cash I’ve just opened a store at Zazzle.com. At Zazzle you can order shirts, mugs, tote bags, neckties, or just about anything and have custom art printed on it – either yours or someone else’s. I don’t have much there yet but over time I’ll be uploading a few more purty pictures from my files for you to choose from (such as the bee art above). Also, if you order over Memorial Day weekend you can save 15% with the discount code “15OFFPRODUCT“.

There you go. Enjoy the holiday weekend!