New “Six Pack Abs” Sticker

I’ve added a new item to my store. Show the world you are serious about getting in shape with this new cartoon sticker. Size: 2-3/4” x 3” (7mm x 7.75mm).

Art for Mobile Messaging Stickers

Social Media Stickers

(Click image to enlarge.)

Recently I was hired by Tourean Design to illustrate a series of mobile messaging stickers for use in an upcoming project. There are four sets of 16 stickers each:

  • A series of animals who look bored/unimpressed;
  • A “hungry hippo” eating food in various settings;
  • An expressive baby;
  • A cute little puppy.


A few samples are shown above. There were over 60 stickers in total so I brought in some help. Illustrators Justin Dial and Paul Agner inked and colored some of my sketches and they did a fantastic job.

Once the project is finished and the stickers are available I’ll be sure to let you know where you can find them online.

EDIT: The stickers are being used in a new social media app called Kewe.