“Stay Tooned!” Issue #2

A few short weeks ago issue #2 of Stay Tooned! magazine was released. It’s a terrific magazine chock full of articles and interviews by cartoonists for cartoonists. It covers all sorts of cartooning from comics to animation to panel cartoons to character design to editorial cartoons to….well, you name it. Each issue weighs it at a hefty 88 pages, is printed on sturdy paper, and features interviews with some of the heavy hitters in the industry.

Issue #2 features interviews with:

(cover artist) Joe “Scooby Doo” Staton
Mike “Mother Goose and Grimm” Peters
Bill “Commercial Appeal” Day
Tom “Creating Characters” Bancroft
Mason “B.C.” Mastroianni
Ben “Midnight Sun” Towle
Jules “The Village Voice” Feiffer
Berke “Opus” Breathed

plus articles/columns by R.C. Harvey, Tom Richmond, Norm Feuti, Corey Pandolph and Jack Cassady.

(EDIT: For those of you interested in character design, my buddy Tom Bancroft has an article about that very topic in this issue. Since Tom literally wrote the book on the subject, it should be a good read.)

You can order issue #2 or subscribe to the magazine at the Stay Tooned! website.

Stay Tooned! Magazine


I just received the very first issue of Stay Tooned!, a brand-new magazine for cartoonists from editor John Read. Since the magazine Cartoonists PROfiles is no longer gracing newsstands, Stay Tooned! is stepping in to fill the void. The magazine is published quarterly, and you can order issues or subscribe online. A copy of issue #1 is $10, or you can subscribe to five issues for $40.

This is not a skimpy magazine. It weighs in at 88 pages, chock-full of content and light on advertising. The layout is easy to read and there’s plenty cartoon eye candy. Other than a few photos that printed too dark, it’s a terrific first issue. There are loads articles and interviews from top-drawer talent:


Regular columns:

…and contributions by Daryl Cagle, Brad Fitzpatrick, David Fitzsimmons, and Richard Thompson.

Subscribe or purchase a copy. You’ll be glad you did.