Announcing smARTer Minneapolis!

FINAL-Colored with Layout

Back in 2011 I was hired by illustrator/designer Sherwin Schwartzrock to assist him with a back-of-the-program ad for Target Field (if you’re as clueless about sports as I am, that’s the Minnesota Twins baseball stadium). We were under a time crunch so he provided me with a rough sketch, I quickly inked it, and then he laid in the color and text. My contribution was actually pretty minimal and so I never even bothered to post it.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.47.53 PM

I was reminded of the project earlier today when Sherwin announced that his illustration and design studio (formerly Schwartzrock Graphic Arts) has been rebranded and is now “smARTer Minneapolis”. Sherwin is one of the most talented and professional people I know. He has the rare combination of being an excellent artist, a creative thinker, and also a sharp and trustworthy businessman. Jump into his shiny new website and take it for a spin: