Sketchbook Update: Inktober 2015, Day 4


Based on a prompt from the Pose Drawing Sparkbook that reads, “I just heard the funniest joke…” I was listening to some Louie Anderson stand-up while I drew this, which also helped.

You can get a free download of Inktober drawing prompts from the Pose Drawing Sparkbook here. No strings attached.

Sketchbook Update: Inktober 2015, Day 1


Inktober 2015 is underway! Yesterday I posted my free list of Inktober sketchbook ideas based on the Pose Drawing Sparkbook. Today’s prompt from the list reads, “Trying to close an overstuffed suitcase”. I’ve already attempted that prompt before, so today I drew a prompt from instead. The site gives you a random prompt every time you click on it. The one I got read, “A sailor dramatically catching a frisbee thrown by a gorilla.” I’ve got a lot on my plate today so I skipped the gorilla. Maybe I’ll come back to him another day.

Sketchbook Update: Hobo Magician


For today’s warmup I thought I’d try drawing a character into a photo. Not sure it was 100% successful, but that’s what sketches are for: playing around, practicing, and sometimes making mistakes.

Highlights Magazine “Double-O”

The October 2015 issue of Highlights Magazine just showed up in my mailbox with one of my illustrations inside. The idea was to use a bunch of words with an “oo” sound in the middle. Below is my preliminary sketch and the final art. After I turned in the sketch they asked me to change the pig from a sneezing “Achoo!” to shouting “Yahoo!” so I redrew his pose. Other than that it was pretty smooth sailing, and a lot of fun to draw.

Artwork is copyright © 2015 Highlights Magazine. All rights reserved.