Sketchbook Month: Day 24

Today was a pretty stressful day. Fortunately I was able to unwind with a 90-minute sketch/painting based on a movie still from Ben Hur. I’ve submitted it as today’s Sketchbook Month entry.

Lately I’ve been challenged to think more about form in my drawings instead of just contour and shape. Attempting to sculpt with light and color definitely helps me with that kind of thinking.

A Treat From Sam Nielson


Recently artist Sam Nielson ran a contest of sorts on his blog. He wanted to practice some digital coloring/painting but didn’t feel like drawing anything, so he asked for submissions. Two winners would then be chosen to have their sketches colored by him. Cool!

On a lark I submitted some concept sketches (above) from a “buffalo wings” project I had done a while ago for a client. As sometimes happens the project never evolved beyond the concept stage and so I never got around to finishing the illustrations. I did, however, retain all rights to the sketches.

I was honored to that Sam chose one of my flying bison to paint (see the other winner here). He did a beautiful job! Zip on over to his blog to view the final painting.