Sketchbook Update 4-19-12

Col Potter Sketch

To wind down after a busy day of work I started sketching one of my favorite TV characters, Colonel Potter from M*A*S*H. I liked how the sketch was turning out so I started adding in some grayscale washes. Before I knew it I was painting up a detailed value study. Although I still prefer to sketch cartoon characters and children’s products, it feels good to go back to my fine art roots every once in a while.

The photo I was sketching can be found here. Total working time: Two hours.

Sketchbook Month: Day 11

A few doodles from one of my all-time favorite TV shows. Having a tough time drawing today. Some days the sketches just flow off the pencil almost effortlessly, other days its like rolling a boulder uphill. Today felt like one of those days. Still fun though.